Hot Take Fridays: Kenny Pickett, All-ACC QB

Welcome to our first segment of Hot Take Fridays, where we will tell you our unpopular opinions and convince you all why they are correct (or at least do our best to try...)!

My hot take is simple, Kenny Pickett is going to be an All-ACC QB this year (*hides behind curtain as tomatoes are thrown at me*). 1st team All- ACC is reserved for Clemson's Trevor Lawrence, but Kenny can easily get 2nd or 3rd team, and here's why!

1. Kenny's Weapons
This may come off as another Hot Take, but Kenny has some of the best weapons in the ACC. The duo of Maurice Ffrench and Taysir Mack may be the best in the ACC behind Clemson's WR core led by Tee Higgins, Amari Rodgers, and whatever other 5 star recruits they roll out. Not only does he have a great duo at his disposal, but he also has a good supporting cast of Tre Tipton, Shockey Jacques-Louis, Dontavius Butler-Jenkins (DBJ), Aaron Matthews (but can he do anything but block?), and Michael Smith. Also, V'Lique Carter is a great weapon out of the backfield and we may event utilize a TE this year!

2. Mark Whipple
With Shawn Watson gone and Mark Whipple in as OC, he will take the training wheels off of the offense and let Kenny use his weapons to the best of their abilities. Whipple has a history of being a QB whisperer, and he should be able to get the absolute best out of Kenny; and when Kenny is at his best, he is All-ACC caliber.

3. Better Pass Protection
Pitt is replacing 4 offensive linemen, 2 guards and 2 tackles, but they are truly replacing 3 guards as Bookser played out of position last year. As Pitt brings in a new offensive line, tackles such as Carter Warren and Gabe Huoy will be much more natural in pass protection and immediately have an impact. When Kenny has a pocket, he is one of the most accurate QBs in the nation. If the O-Line can keep Kenny clean most of the year, it is going to be a fun season.

4. ACC QBs Suck
With the departure of Ryan Finley (NC State) and Eric Dungey (Syracuse) who both made the All-ACC team last year, the rest of the ACC QBs are very weak. The next best QB may be Perkins at Virginia, and he did not show me much last year. FSU has the potential to have a good QB, but they are a hot mess right now. With the outgoing of some top QBS, it is time for Kenny to shine.

5. Kenny will be healthy
Many fans forget the knee injury that Kenny suffered in week 3 against Georgia Tech last season, which led to him wearing a brace the rest of the season. After this injury, Kenny was never the same speed wise and this should change as he will be fully healthy going into this season.

I identified Kenny as Pitt's future starter in his first spring game as a freshman, and I know that I will also be right about Kenny being All-ACC this year.

Don't agree? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!

-Aaron, TGYK


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